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    Do poineering work board financing rules have been set the resumption of IPO diameter unchanged

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    Yesterday, the SFC spokesman held a regular press conference one one to respond to the real estatefinancing gate opening, do poineering work boardfinancing system construction, the initial public offering(IPO) restart and other hot issues,

    The Commission is responsible for the relevant person,the real estate financing opening and the resumption of the IPO problem, the bore no new changes. And gemfinancing system, after 3 years of research, the feasibility study has been completed, the main clause has been basically formed, to fulfill relevant legislation programtiming issue.

    IPO problem is always the SFC press conference the most concern, in this regard, the Commission said yesterday, bore no change.

    It is worth mentioning that, the Commission yesterdayalso with a diameter did not change also responded tothe recent hot real estate financing problems. In July 17th, the Xinhua news agency had several bursts of four articles, said real estate financing policy adjustment is a foregone conclusion, of which, involving real estate listing Corporation reorganization may be the first to open. This makes the market for regulatory loosening of real estatefinancing that reach climax.

    However, in a series of articles by Xinhua news agency in July 17th in fact once aimed at the China Securities Regulatory Commission in June 28th caliber analysis said, "recently, the Commission spokesman stressed 'on the relevant audit', means that the CSRC have been ready to accept the real estate listed companies,refinancing and restructuring application, and start has been suspended for more than three years audit procedures."

    The SFC in June 28th complete "caliber" is: according to the relevant provisions of the State Council, the existenceof idle land, land speculation and property hoarding,drive up prices and other illegal acts of real estate development enterprises, will suspend the listing and financing, a major reorganization of assets. For the real estate enterprises in violation of the relevant provisions of the State Council the existence situation, the Commission for review, according to the Ministry of land and resources views to be recognized.

    Do poineering work board financing rules have been set

    On the financing problems, construction actually yesterday of the market are quite concerned about thegem financing system. Apparently, in July 15th, the State Council has held a special high specifications of thenational small and micro businesses financial servicesexperience exchange of television and telephone conference, vice premier of the State Council Ma Kaiexplicitly proposed to open as soon as possible the GEMListing and financing small and micro businesses.

    In this regard, the Commission spokesman said yesterday, the commission from 2010 began research onrefinancing gem, and included in the annual plan for the year. After the exchange of news, do poineering work board may establish small, fast re financing system. The CSRC this also pointed out, the refinancing of the gem, in combination with gem starting rules, keeping with the motherboard connection, establish the growth enterprise market of listing Corporation characteristics "small, fast,flexible" financing mechanism.

    At present, the refinancing rules has completed the preliminary demonstration, the main clause has been basically formed, to fulfill relevant legislation programtiming issue.

    "Do poineering work board open for more than 3 years,refinancing rules as soon as possible has become the market consensus, is the basic requirement of building and market policy is expected to function of gem." The Commission spokesman said.

    According to statistics, as of the end of 6 this year, do poineering work board consists of 355 listing Corporation,the first financing totaled 231000000000 yuan, in addition, there are 7 gem company through debtfinancing of 1980000000 yuan.

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